103rd Anniversary

Today, May 7th, 2023, we celebrate the 103rd anniversary of the birth of Daisy Peterson Sweeney!

Over the last year, visitors to this Web site have come from across the globe, including: Canada, United States, Poland, United Kingdom, Colombia, France, Mexico, Sweden, Brazil, Russia, Germany, Switzerland, India, South Korea and more. We appreciate the continued interest shown in the life of Mrs. Sweeney, as she was commonly known.

180e anniversaire du canal de Lachine

Read a sonnet about Daisy Peterson Sweeney composed by AI’s ChatGPT:

Fair Daisy Peterson Sweeney, teacher rare,
With gentle voice and heart so full of grace,
A guiding light for all who came to share
In knowledge gained within her classroom space.

With skill and care, she honed the talents bright
Of countless youth who looked to her for aid,
And though she faced discrimination’s blight,
Her love for teaching never once did fade.

Her music brought together young and old,
Breaking down barriers with each sweet note,
And in her presence, hearts and minds did unfold,
To learn, to grow, to dream, to sing, to dote.

Oh Daisy Peterson Sweeney, we sing your name,
And honor you for all that you became.

Mom was not afraid of new ideas and inventions. She would appreciate the above sonnet, but would also encourage the sonnet giver/writer to use and rely only upon her/his innate and developed intellectual and emotional abilities to craft a more personal poem.

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