Daisy Peterson Sweeney Park Inauguration

Daisy Peterson Sweeney Park Inauguration group photo of attendees

On Sunday, 12 September, 2021, a small gathering of family members, friends and City of Montreal officials met to officially inaugurate Daisy Peterson Sweeney Park.

Benoit Dorais, le maire de l'arrondissement Benoit Dorais et président du comité exécutif de la Ville de Montréal

Mayor of the South-West Borough and President of the Executive Committee of the City of Montreal, Benoit Dorais, opened the intimate gathering, praising the life and work of Daisy Peterson Sweeney. He also noted that the park is being used to hold a variety of annual events, including a chess club which is celebrating their 15th anniversary.

Tina Sweeney, speaking on behalf of the family, thanked the City of Montreal and elected officials for naming the park and adjacent street in honour of her mother who adopted her as a young child.

Read excerpts of her speech below, or click here to see a video of her presentation.

Tina Sweeney’s Inauguration Tribute

Mom built community by using her talents and work ethic in ways that gave people a sense of purpose and belonging.

Daisy Peterson Sweeney Park Inauguration attendees listening to Benoit Dorais praise the life and work of Daisy Peterson Sweeney
Tina Sweeney speaks at the Daisy Peterson Sweeney Park inauguration held in 2021.

She was a master teacher. She had such knowledge, craftmanship of music, and although she is known for her piano and organ playing, she could pick up almost any instrument and play it or use it as a teaching tool.

And her love of music… I can’t express in words. But Opera was one of her favourite genres, and I would often wake up to her playing Opera records or on radio throughout the house. These are lasting and beautiful memories.

Daisy Peterson Sweeney Park Inauguration attentively listening to speaker during ceremony honouring the famed piano teacher and mother
Tina Sweeney, adopted at age 6, by Daisy Peterson Sweeney, famed Montreal piano teacher, speaks about her mom.

I will briefly and publicly thank my mom for her kindness and generosity. You see, at an age in my mom’s life, when she should have been thinking about herself and enjoying the fruits of her labour, she helped and mothered one more child. A six-year-old, needing a home – me – and I’m forever grateful for her strength and her love.

After the inauguration ceremony, family members, friends and City of Montreal South West Borough officials had pictures taken under the street and park signs, honouring Daisy Peterson Sweeney.

Group photo under Daisy Peterson Sweeney Park sign taken at the Daisy Peterson Sweeney Park Inauguration
Group photo under the Daisy Peterson Sweeney Street signed, named for his contribution to music in Montreal, Quebec, Canada and throughout the world.

The Lachine Cannel abuts Daisy Peterson Sweeney Park, which includes pedestrian and bicycle paths.
A view of Daisy Peterson Sweeney Park taken from the Lachine Cannel

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Photos: Annie-Ève Dumontier